Precious Metal Scrap Purchases

We purchase precious metal scrap over the counter from businesses and the public. Scrap examples include Jewelry, Silverware, Dental Crowns, Dental Bridges Please review information below for additional details and requirements.

Businesses Scrap Purchases:

New business customers are required to present a valid business license and must be aligned with the use or trade of precious metals Below are a few examples:

Jewelers & Jewelry Manufacturing

Second Hand dealers

Antique dealers



Glass Blowers

No minimum on purchases

Business Pricing

Extended hours for business customers

Public Scrap Purchases:

$200 or more in precious metal value is required for all public purchases

All purchases are reported to the City of Portland and held for 30 days per second hand dealer regulations

State issued ID or Passport required

Thumbprint required

Public Pricing

Limited to public buying hours


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