AAA Precious Metals Fire Assay Services

We offer a Fire Assay service to ensure you are provided with the most accurate result possible for identifying the precious metal content of your refining or metallic sample.

We only offer our assay service for Metallic samples – WE DO NOT ASSAY ORE SAMPLES.

A Metallic sample constitutes anything in precious metal form that can be melted and poured into a homogenous bar. Examples include Gold/silver/platinum scrap or jewelry, placer/nuggets and dental scrap (teeth, bridges, casting trees). If you have any questions about what’s metallic or the process in general we encourage you to contact us.


Gold and Silver bullion (fire assay): $25.00
For bullion with Gold and Silver content


Silver (fire assay): $15.00
For bullion with only silver content


Platinum assay: $65.00


Palladium Assay: $65.00


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