We purchase and on occasion, sell Placer Gold.

Whether you are a professional miner, a hobbyist or somewhere in between we want to ensure you are getting the best return possible for your placer gold when you determine the time is right to sell.

We are a longtime friend of the mining community and a supporter of the GPAA. We regularly have a booth at many of the Northwest based trade shows sponsored by the GPAA and we occasionally give presentations at the monthly meetings. If you’re at one of the shows be sure to stop by our booth and say hello

Purchasing Placer:
For small quantities under 3 troy ounces we can purchase your placer gold outright based on testing using a spectrum analysis to determine the gold content. Placer gold can range from 95% pure gold content down to 60% which is why we test.

AAA Precious Metals display booth at the GPAA show

For quantities over 3 troy ounces we recommend refining your placer gold to ensure the best return however, we can also buy larger quantities outright if you choose not to refine.

Placer gold

All refined placer is fire assayed to determine the exact precious metal content of both Gold and Silver. We also pay for any silver content found in your placer amounting to 1 troy ounce or better.

    Placer Gold must be brought in “Dry” and free of all black sands and other non-precious metal materials

    We do not process any black sands or concentrates

    We do not process hard rock ore samples

Selling Placer to customers:
We don’t typically have placer gold in stock however we can hold it from over the counter purchases if you have a need for some.

Contact us for more information.

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